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    Overview The book advises on PRV maintenance and testing, emergency closure, and operating problems and faults. It is a general guide for the ship’s staff and is not designed to replace the manufacturers’ instruction manuals. This book was written following an incident in 1992 that involved failu...
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    Overview  A new book from the publishers of International Tug & OSV, which gives a clear insight into the safe operation of Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels. It is aimed at the Masters and Officers who operate these vessels and at Towmasters, Rig Movers, Barge Masters, Tower Foremen and sho...
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    Overview This book will benefit Masters, Officers and others who operate the oilfield’s anchor handling vessels. It describes the most common anchor handling operations from the work boat's viewpoint, which is quite different from that of the barge or vessel that is being worked. A number of spec...
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    A complete guide to anchors and anchoring practice. This work details new innovations in anchors and anchoring practice. The need for operators to become familiar with new designs and experience different methods of employing anchors is essential for the continuation of a policy of safety at sea....
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    Overview As background to the development of this revised publication; concerns had been expressed, by OCIMF member companies and others, about an increase in the number of incidents involving anchor losses, windlass motor failures and associated personnel injuries. A review of third party anchor...
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    Overview  This booklet is designed to serve as a reminder to ship owners and terminal operators of the improvements in safety codes for cargo tank loading limits provided by the 1998 amendments. Changes to the IGC Code have made compliance less precise than conforming to the original code because...
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