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    Overview BIMCO’s Holiday Calendar covers general holidays in over 150 countries plus local holidays and working hours in more than 680 ports around the world. First published in 1913, this handbook enjoys worldwide distribution as an indispensable tool when negotiating charter parties, planning v...
  • $265.95
    Overview This book will benefit time charterers, voyage charterers and cargo traders who move goods and commodities by sea under maritime contracts. It is a practical guide for ship operators bringing together various facets of marine insurance in such a way that it should become an indispensable...
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    Overview This guide has been a useful tool on the basic principles in daily chartering and other shipping transactions for over 30 years and serves as an indispensable checklist to refer to during your negotiations. The latest edition reflects recent legal developments and current commercial prac...
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  • $168.95
    Overview This 14-page booklet identifies the amendments to SHELLVOY 6 (2005 updated form of tanker voyage charterparty) and focuses on Parts I and II of the new form. It should be read in conjunction with INTERTANKO’s commentary on SHELLVOY 5, published in A Guide to Tanker Charters, which remain...
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    Overview Shelltime 4 and ShellLNGTime – A Comparison of Shelltime 1984, Shelltime 2003 and ShellLNGTime 1 is a ready reference for those engaged in oil and gas chartering on the ever popular Shelltime forms. It provides guidance on legal aspects and discusses the wording and interpretation of cha...
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  • $224.95
    Overview This publication describes the Worldscale system, its origins and its background. It is a perfect introduction to Worldscale for those who are unfamiliar with the system. This edition covers a multitude of points from commissions to crude oil washing, from delays to deviation, departure ...
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