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Thematic Charts & Planning Charts

In addition to our selection of standard nautical charts we offer a wide range of charts and publications for recreational purposes.

Available are waterproof charts and recreational chart kits, each tailored to provide a comprehensive look at a series of  commonly sailed marine areas to popular destination spots. Decorative and historical nautical charts are sure to be the perfect addition to any office, bridge, work space, or home.

Waterproof Charts: Our waterproof charts are an excellent tool for recreational sailors to navigate with. Using nautical data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) these charts cover some of the most popular inlets, waterways, and commonly sailed routes in U.S. waters and in the Caribbean. They can be used a substitute to standard nautical charts for small recreation boats only. These charts are laminated and will be protected from any exposure to water.      

Recreational Nautical Chart Kits:  Detailed chart kits, conveniently organized into 26 popular destinations ranging from the Pacific Northwest and Northern California to the Bahamas Northwest. These chart kits provide coastal and offshore nautical chart coverage. Full-color charts, GPS waypoints, courses and distances, Yeoman points, and color aerial photos. Save hundreds of dollars on charts by purchasing these kits! Browse our selection of fine chart kits, we're sure to have a nautical chart kit to meet your sailing needs.

Historical Nautical Charts: Need a gift for a nautical enthusiast? How about a historical chart from a favorite port or vacation destination? American Nautical Services  offers historical charts for many U.S. regions dating as far back as 1747. These novelty charts are uniquely colored and detailed to give them an vintage look — and they’re printed on gallery-quality paper, ready for framing. These charts provide an excellent view of what mariners used for nautical navigation generations ago. Because these charts depict historical nautical information they are not intended for navigational purposes. 

Decorative Nautical Charts: Do you have a favorite sailing or cruising destination? Do you have a friend or loved-one who does? Decorative nautical charts make great gifts for sailors, fishers, surfers and those who have strong maritime interests. Nautical charts look good in just about any setting and can be matched with almost all decor. They are also perfect for framing and look great under glass.