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Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP) provide mariners with efficient, intuitive and flexible navigation and planning of passages.



Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP) is your comprehensive solution for accessing essential maritime publications in a digital format. With ADP, you can streamline your navigation processes, ensuring efficiency and accuracy on the high seas.

ADP offers a convenient digital platform where you can access a wide range of Admiralty products, including Admiralty Sailing Directions, Admiralty List of Lights, Admiralty Tide Tables, and more. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to search for, view, and update publications, saving you valuable time and effort. ADP provides the tools you need to stay informed and compliant.


ADMIRALTY Digital PublicationS

What are ADMIRALTY Digital Publications? 

Essential paper publications produced by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) have been made available in digital form by Admiralty. ADP contains identical information to corresponding paper publications and are approved as meeting SOLAS carriage provisions.

Admiralty Digital Publications allow bridge crews to access important information in an efficient and timely manner. These improved efficiencies enable crews to devote more time to decision making and less to clerical tasks. Most ships carrying out business have flag state approval: ADPs meet with carriage requirements.

ADMIRALTY Digital Publications includes:

The ADMIRALTY Digital List of Lights (ADLL): Over 70,000 lighthouses and other sources of light are covered. Weekly updates are available by e-mail, CD or Internet download. This is the most comprehensive guide to maritime lights available today.

The ADMIRALTY Digital List of Radio Signal (ADRS): Volume 2: Digital and position references for timekeeping and position calculation. This reference allows crews to ensure that they are following the correct route and the correct time.

The ADMIRALTY Digital List of Radio Signal (ADRS): Volume 6: Important maritime radio information for 3,600 locations around the world. Includes information for port operations, pilot services and vessel traffic services.

ADMIRALTY TotalTide (ATT): Contains tidal height and stream predictions for over 7,000 ports and 3,000 tidal stream locations around the world, making it one of the most exhaustive and comprehensive sources of tidal information available.

Advantages of Using ADMIRALTY Digital Publications:

The easy-to-use, intuitive interface of ADMIRALTY Digital Publications combined with powerful search functionality allows crews to access information in a pleasant, efficient manner. Regular updates allow crews to receive changing information on an expedited basis as well. Crews who have access to all available information are afforded the opportunity to make thoroughly considered decisions. Mariners may purchase licenses for only ADMIRALTY Digital Publications that they require, so that they may be individually installed, operated and updated. Licenses allow crews may make one working copy per ship so that each publications may be shared by separate computers (including one with an independent power supply) to comply with SOLAS carriage provisions.

The UKHO is the world’s leading hydrographic body and is renowned for its quality assurance standards. Admiralty Digital Publications are exact digital replications of physical UKHO publications. The ADP library has been assembled and all information thorough checked for accuracy by a team of leading experts in the hydrographic field.

Stay Compliant

Almost all ships operating today have flag state approval to use ADMIRALTY Digital Publications. Given that ADMIRALTY Digital Publications provide the same information, with improved access and reference tools, they are seen as meeting the standards as paper publications by almost all flag states. Inspection teams appreciate the ease of which they may check the library and most recent updates in a simple, streamlined process.Those concerned with approval from their flag state may contact them directly or consult the list of flag states which have provided approval or guidance to the UKHO.

Fast & Efficient Updates

Updates are available electronically, by e-mail, download or shipped CD. Traditional publications take a great deal of time to update manually, and errors are common. Regular electronic updates for ADMIRALTY Digital Publications and other digital products eliminate many of these concerns.

Global Coverage: More Routes & Ports

ADMIRALTY Digital Publication products are divided into regions that allow mariners to purchase only the information they require. New licenses may be added as needed, providing flexibility and cost savings.

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