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American Nautical Services (ANS) is a South Florida Marine Surveying & Consulting firm and Nautical Chart & Maritime Book store serving the marine industry since 1977.

Nautical Chart & Maritime Book Store

Paper Charts: ANS represents the British Admiralty (BA), a brand of the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, as an International Admiralty Chart Agent, the most prestigious level of agency awarded by the BA. ANS is an OceanGrafix Remote Printer. Thus ANS prints and distributes nautical charts  stemming from NOAA for U.S. waters and from National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) for international waters.   As a result, ANS offers two complimentary paper chart folios with world coverage. Finding the right chart among some 6,000 offered can be difficult; thus ANS created SPICA™, a graphically-based online chart catalog, which simplifies the job.


Digital Charts and Software: Digital navigation is changing the maritime industry with quickening pace. Certain types of large commercial vessels will be required to use digital navigation ECDIS systems starting as early as July 2012 and by all commercial vessels over 500 gross tons by July 2018 at the latest. ANS staff are trained and experienced in supplying carriage compliant digital navigation software and data, most notably via the Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS). ANS can also supply digital charting products from Nobeltec and other popular digital chart manufacturers who service the recreational and non-SOLAS class mariners.


Maritime Books and related products: Since the mariner does not sail by charts alone, ANS also stocks and distributes a wide variety of books, codes, manuals, and conventions relevant to the mariner. A partial list of the publishers represented by ANS include: the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Witherby Seamanship International, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the Institute of International Container Lessors(IICL), the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO), Informa Law, and others. In addition to books, ANS also stocks various signs, placards, instruments, and flags pertinent to maritime interests.


Specialty Hazmat Compliance Software: Hazardous Material (HM) / Dangerous Goods (DG) compliance software rounds out the retail division of the business. ANS is the Regional Representative to the Americas for Exis Technologies.  Exis is IMO’s husbanding agent for the IMDG Code.  Exis is the DG systems provider for 17 of the top 20 container lines globally. In addition to producing the computerized IMDG Code, Exis developed Hazcheck Systems, which are improving the hazmat operation for the world’s top container lines and thousands of hazmat shippers worldwide. ANS authored the US-specific portion of Exis’ IMDG Code e-Learning, a training solution which has been endorsed by TT Club and the International Cargo Handling & Co-ordination Association, and which has been certified by the Competent Authorities of Ireland, Australia, and Mauritius.


British Admiralty International Maritime Organization International Telecommunications Union US Government Printing Office Witherby Seamanship International Informa Law Exis Technologies
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ANS was established in Miami, FL, in January of 1977. Its founding roots were planted as marine surveyors and operators of a marine training school licensed by the State of Florida. The school offered license preparation training to individuals from the commercial world of small passenger boat operation up to 100 gross tons. ANS became a nautical chart and book agent for the U.S. Government in order to provide the necessary training materials to the ever-expanding student enrollment. At the height of this program, ANS employed seven instructors, conducting training in five states along the East Coast of the U.S.


1983 was a pivotal year in the company’s life as one of its founding members passed away from illness. The training program was closed and converted into a self-study, home application program. The chart and book division expanded locally and was opened to the public in South Florida in order to accommodate the changing profile of the business. The marine surveying and consulting division was not affected by the change in company structure and continued to grow. ANS increased its client base within the marine industry ever while expanding its knowledge and presence within the industry.


ANS moved its offices and storefront from Miami to Fort Lauderdale in 2004. The company currently is located in its own building at the South end of Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This location is within 5 minutes of Port Everglades, the Hollywood/ Ft. Lauderdale International Airport, the rail ramp of the FEC Railroad, and all major Interstate transportation arteries reaching into the tri-county area. Thus, ANS is situated at a key transportation hub in South Florida.

Since its beginning, ANS has been dedicated to maritime training and remains a strong advocate of training as both a compliance and safety vehicle. ANS offers classroom training on regulations governing the transport of hazardous materials by vessel. ANS also acts as Regional Representatives to the Americas for Exis Technologies, authors of IMDG Code e-Learning (a computer-based training course for dangerous goods transportation).


ANS currently is ranked top among American IMO Publishing distributors and is the only distributor in North America that stocks all IMO publications in English as well as all Best Selling IMO publications in Spanish. ANS has a bi-lingual staff to accommodate Spanish-speaking clientele.


ANS was recently granted a contract with the General Services Administration (GSA) to supply nautical charts and maritime publications to the Federal Government.


ANS maintains its outreach to the global marine community via its two on-line web / e-commerce sites which can be found at: http://www.amnautical.com and http://www.maritimecompliance.com.


ANS is ready to assist you 24/7.  Our office phone is: 954 522-3321.  Our store e-mail address is: sales@amnautical.com.  The email address for Ed Hays, President, is: ed@amnautical.com.