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    Overview  The ECDIS Continuous Professional Development Log has been designed to support the mariner through every stage of their career at sea, providing a practical, career-spanning record of shore and onboard ECDIS training. Divided into three clear sections, the log offers space to detail rec...
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    Overview This book is designed to mentor, train and test the seafarer on all ECDIS aspects from basic safety knowledge to an expert level. It is an ideal solution to log your journey, career development and experience as digital navigation continues to evolve. This record book supersedes ‘ECDIS R...
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    Overview ECDIS Passage Planning and Watchkeeping presents individual chapters covering the configuration of ECDIS settings and each of the four stages of passage planning. It supports the operator through these critical stages in a clear and logical manner, providing a wealth of practical informa...
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    To achieve compliance with international regulations, a ship may navigate with ECDIS as the primary means of navigation if: • Sufficient official data adequate for the intended passage is installed (ENC and RNC) • the installed ECDIS is type approved • a second type approved ECDIS is installed as...
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    Overview In line with STCW requirements, navigating officers are required to maintain competence in their watchkeeping routines and practices when using ECDIS. The ECDIS Procedures Guide provides a framework, as well as supporting background information and useful checklists, to aid officers in f...
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    Overview Masters and officers certified under STCW serving on board ships fitted with ECDIS must undertake an approved ECDIS generic training programme. This handy publication allows mariners to record details of these ECDIS training courses, undertaken both on shore and at sea, and also includ...