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     Overview This volume covers the design, installation, operation and maintenance of DP systems for all types of vessels. It reflects the diversification of DP techniques into a wider range of offshore vessels, their functions and applications. It includes the latest variants of position reference...
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    Overview It is a challenge to deal with a subject as complex as DP and with features differing between systems. DP vessels vary in shape, size and role, with often very little in common in their operating procedures, eg a diving vessel and an FPSO. This book comprehensively explains the principle...
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    Overview This publication describes the way in which natural gas technology has developed and discusses how and why it has become a well-established, highly sophisticated and safe branch of modern marine engineering. This publication charts the history of LNG transportation by seas, from the earl...
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    This comprehensive publication critically examines all of the ship fuel and emissions saving technologies within the maritime industry, profiles the companies providing them and assesses their viability.   The guide presents comprehensive wealth of information including: A full profile and cri...
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    Overview The purposes of this guidance document, produced by the UK Chamber of Shipping with Hill Dickinson LLP, are:   to summarise the key points of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); to identify the main areas where shipping companies will be affected by it; and to advise com...
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