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Natural Gas by Sea, The Development of a New Technology

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Natural Gas by Sea, The Development of a New Technology

This book describes the way in which natural gas technology has developed and how it has become a well established, highly sophisticated and safe branch of modern marine engineering.



Foreword and Acknowledgements to 1st Edition

Foreword and Acknowledgements to 2nd Edition

Chart: Periods covered by Chapters and Some Landmarks

1. How it All Started

2. First Attempts at a Solution

3. Wide Participation and Further Testwork in the USA

4. Activities Outside the USA

5. The Role of the Classification Societies

6. The First Prototype — Methane Pioneer

7. The Second Prototype — Beauvais

8. Cargo Handling Arrangements

9. The First Commercial LNG Ships

10. Patents and Politics

11. Membranes — Breakthrough?

12. Two More Projects and a Speculative Ship

13. The Spheres

14. Market Prospects Generate Many New Designs

15. The IMO Code

16. A Decade of Consolidation

17. Projects Past, Present and Future

18. A Look Ahead


1 What is Natural Gas?

2 Some Approximate Physical Properties of Constituents of Natural Gas

3 US Coast Guard Tentative Standards for Transportation of Liquefied Inflammable Gases at Atmospheric Pressure (August 22, 1956)

4a Lighter moments at the

4b Gastech Conferences

5 SIGTTO Publications Relating to LNG 


Author(s): Ffooks, Roger
Published: 1993
Binding: Hardback