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Dynamic Positioning (Oilfield Seamanship Series - Vol 9)


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Dynamic Positioning (Oilfield Seamanship Series - Vol 9)

The new edition reflects the many changes that have taken place within the industry during the past five years, notably the diversification of DP techniques into a wider range of offshore vessels, their functions and applications.

Technology too has moved ahead apace during this period, and the new book reflects this with the inclusion of the latest variants of position reference systems for dual frequency DGPS, relative GPS including the “CyScan” laser and the latest “Hi PAP” technology from Simrad. Also included are details of the new generation motion sensors, solid state compasses and multi-sensors. Other changes for this new edition mean that most of the material has now been updated, including all sketches which have been re-drawn, and more screen views to illustrate the functions and facilities of modern DP systems. Since it was first published, ‘Dynamic Positioning’ has become the industry’s essential reference on the subject for offshore personnel who need to have to hand the facts about the design, installation, operation and maintenance of DP systems for all types of vessels.