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    Overview The book advises on PRV maintenance and testing, emergency closure, and operating problems and faults. It is a general guide for the ship’s staff and is not designed to replace the manufacturers’ instruction manuals. This book was written following an incident in 1992 that involved failu...
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    Overview Design and Construction Specification for Marine Loading Arms, 4th Edition is the industry guide detailing MLA construction and specification. It covers topics such as applications, variability, operating envelopes, products transferred, servicing, manifold spacing, jetty and piping layo...
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    Overview  Covers the development of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Carrier from the 1st fully refrigerated ships through to the modern ships currently in service.This publication is a full account of the design and development of the fully refrigerated LPG carrier.Over 100 drawings and 150 photograp...
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    Overview This publication provides information and guidance on good practice to assist with the planning, design, operations, maintenance and inspection of multi-buoy moorings. Multi Buoy Moorings (MBM) are common in the oil industry and are generally used in areas where the environmental conditi...
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    Overview  This book is for personnel involved in the repair, maintenance and classification of ocean-going merchant ships, including shipyard project managers, marine superintendents and Classification Society surveyors. It will also interest younger engineers embarking on a career in ship survey...
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    Overview The marine transportation of LNG is the only sector of merchant shipping where steam propulsion systems remain widely employed and are still being installed. SIGTTO’s members recognised the importance of establishing agreed competence standards for Engineers operating and maintaining the...
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