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    Overview This guide from the Standard Club focuses on correct loading, stowage, care and securing of steel cargoes. It provides essential advice that will assist in the avoidance and prevention of steel cargo damage claims. Steel is a high-value cargo that is easily damaged by rough handling, wat...
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    Overview These Guidelines have been developed to assist shipmasters, ship's officers, port Captains, load port agents and stevedores, charterers and shippers when planning to load steel cargoes that are bound for Malaysia or Singapore and the following Ports are unequivocal in their endorsement o...
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    Overview This guide explains basic rules to be remembered on every occasion during loading, carriage and unloading of bulk cargoes. It describes where various regulations, recommendations and general guidance can be found, and discusses procedures, preparations and good seamanship practice for ap...
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    The purpose of the guide is:• Cargoes at risk of liquefaction continue to be shipped.• Liquefaction casualties cost the marine insurance industry over USD 100 million between 2010 and 2013.• The IMSBC (International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes) Code started out as the BC Code, first issued in 196...
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    Overview This new publication offers guidelines for safe cargo handling and associated operations on board F(P)SOs. It supplements existing guidance in the International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals (ISGOTT), by addressing activities and procedures that are either outside the scope ...
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    Overview Studying for any Certificate of Competency can be a daunting task, not made easier by the need to plough through weighty textbooks and legislative publications. Cargo Notes provides a comprehensive and usable alternative, covering the key sections of the Cargo Syllabus for Deck Officers/...
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