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Crude Oil Tanker Basics

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Crude Oil Tanker Basics

What precious time is spent on cargo duties is often used in learning how to use the automated cargo control systems and therefore not covering the basics of operating crude oil tankers (whether they be Suezmax, VLCC or ULCCs) and their related activities such as venting, purging, understanding the operation of cargo pumps and the fundamentals of Inert Gas and Crude Oil Washing Systems to name but a few items.

All of these operations, and more, are explained in this new 192 page book which is supported with photographs taken onboard a new build VLCC.


  1. Crude Oil Extraction
  2. Crude Oil Chemistry
  3. Measurement of Cargo Quantity
  4. Calculating Cargo Quantity
  5. Loading Rates and Venting
  6. Preparing for Cargo Transfer
  7. The Loading Operation
  8. Pumping and Pump Theory
  9. Cargo Discharge Operations
  10. Inert Gas
  11. Crude Oil Washing (COW)
  12. Ballasting, Deballasting and Crude Oil Content Discharge Control
  13. Preparing for Maintenance
  14. Contingencies and Emergencies
  15. Crude Oil Trade, Voyage Fixing and Economics