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  • $51.95
    Overview A plain language guide to the relevant Laws and Regulations that a ship's Master is likely to encounter. As you sail around the world you will come into contact with various rules and regulations, some of which you are familiar with and others not, especially those applicable only to the...
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  • $71.95 $84.99
    A clear, well-documented book that includes all the essential facts and case law relating to containers, their construction and use, plus inland hauliers, international transporters, freight forwarders, rail transport and goods by sea liability. A must for insurance companies, loss adjusters, so...
  • $269.95 $299.95
    Overview  The book covers a wide array of topics (supported by case laws from UK, USA, Canada and Australia) including:  The book begins with the chapter on International Trade and Marine Insurance. It details various “cargo families” and their exposure to damage, major commodities, dangerous ...
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  • $23.95 $49.99
    Guidelines to Exposures and Insurances of Port Authorities and Other Port Related Industries or Activities. Covering Ship Repairers, Stevedore and Port Authorities liability this book embraces exposure to risk with examples of contracts, the insurance available with specimen wording. Each of the ...
  • $134.95 $149.95
    Overview This publication sets out US State oil pollution laws, focusing on the parties responsible, the range of claims, and potential financial liability. Compiled by Professor Martin Davies, Director, Tulane Maritime Law Center, this publication is an essential guide for any tanker owner tradi...
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  • $42.95 $47.95
    Overview This complete guide to tramp shipping covers, among other topics, the law of agency, duties and liabilities of principal and agent, how to select a tramp ship agent, managing a tramp ship agency and the scope of services provided. The shipping industry is a vast and complicated business....
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