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  • $449.95
    Overview Carter on Reinsurance 5th Edition, is essential reading for professionals who work in the insurance and reinsurance industry and need to understand the global changes. Written by Robert Carter, Nigel Ralph and Les Lucas, this 5th edition of the definitive text on Reinsurance has been bro...
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    Casualties are not straightforward and mariners who find themselves involved in them rarely have previous experience. The Nautical Institute and the International Salvage Union have produced these comprehensive practical guidelines to help seafarers during a casualty when demands can be confusing...
  • $265.95
    Overview This book will benefit time charterers, voyage charterers and cargo traders who move goods and commodities by sea under maritime contracts. It is a practical guide for ship operators bringing together various facets of marine insurance in such a way that it should become an indispensable...
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  • $229.95 $249.95
    Overview This new edition of the 1997 publication examines the various forms of construction contract and the different types of insurance available. This detailed publication examines the various forms of construction contract including the JCT contracts, NEC3, the Institution of Civil Engineers...
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  • $539.95 $549.95
    Enforcement of Maritime Claims, 4th Edition addresses legislative developments and discusses the factors that affect the enforceability of a claim, including jurisdiction, how to enforce a claim, security remedies and the relevance of foreign law, including the critical impact of members...
  • $59.95
    This aide-memoire deals with how to prevent tanker cargo contamination claims and also highlights the cause of claims and how to avoid them. This pamphlet covers important aspect of a tanker vessel operations such as: ship suitability; the cargo plan; cargo system preparation and preventive maint...