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    Updated Through January 2019 - Includes updates to walking/working surfaces Fall protection standards are tightening for homebuilders nationwide, and the key to meeting these tight compliance deadlines lies in a firm commitment to fall protection safety training. Of course, residential constructi...
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    Updated through July 2018Mancomm's 30 CFR MSHA Metal/Non-Metal Mining Regulations parts 40-199 is the most accurate mining regulation on the market. Written in RegLogic® formatting, Mancomm's 30 CFR makes compliance simple.    312 Pages    Includes subchapters G, H, I, K, M, O, P, & QThis edi...
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    Updated Through January 2019 Mancomm's OSHA Maritime Regulations is an easy-to-read book made with RegLogic®, which takes the difficulty out of navigating and using government regulations. In this updated Maritime resource, you will find safety and health regulations on longshoring, shipyards, an...
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    Updated Through June 2018 Mancomm has updated its popular book, Oil & Gas Industry: OSHA Regulations from Parts 1903, 1904, 1910, and 1926 to help companies in the oil and gas industry to protect their workers and stay compliant with OSHA mandates. Book Details: • Weight 1.0 lbs. • 8.5" x 11"...
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    If your duties include safety and compliance, you need a copy of Mancomm's OSHA Dictionary. OSHA has a language all its own, and here is an example: To most people, an apron is a simple garment worn over the front of the body to protect one’s clothes when cooking. In the world of OSHA regulations...
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    Mancomm's EM385-1-1 book describes safety and health requirements for all United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) activities and operations. Following this manual will help all contractors working on Department of Defense projects to meet all of the necessary safety requirements to ensure s...