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    BLU Code including BLU Manual contains the Code of Practice for the Safe Loading and Unloading of Bulk Carriers, incorporating all amendments up to and including 2010, and the Manual on loading and unloading of solid bulk cargoes for terminal representatives, incorporating all amendments up to an...
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    This authoritative reference work is a comprehensively illustrated and well researched book of some 400 pages covering to a working level, bills of lading, charter parties and commercial decisions, draft surveys, loading and discharge, calculations for stress, using the loading manuals, ballast c...
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    The purpose of the guide is:• Cargoes at risk of liquefaction continue to be shipped.• Liquefaction casualties cost the marine insurance industry over USD 100 million between 2010 and 2013.• The IMSBC (International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes) Code started out as the BC Code, first issued in 196...
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    With 40% of the UK P&I Club’s outgoings caused by cargo damage, the Club considers cargo advice extremely important. The Carefully to Carry manual is a comprehensive publication, for use onboard vessels and ashore, highlighting the importance of following some of the general principles of the...
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    The revised 2nd Ed. of "Cargo Notes" gives ships officers clear explanation on the key sections of the Cargo Syllabus for Deck Officers/OOW. The book provides key points and summaries on all relevant Legislation and Codes, and an Operational Overview for all of the main cargo types, from Bulk Car...
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    This Booklet has been prepared with one aim in mind: to be a useful, handy reference guide for members, their Masters, Officers and Surveyors appointed on their behalf. It is Intended to be apractical guide for use on quayside, on the bridge, on the deck or in the Member's office. SKULD hopes tha...
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    The purpose of this Code was adopted by resolution A.863(20), is to provide, for both operator and contractor, an international Stardard to avoid or reduce to a minimum the hazzards which affect offshore supply vessels in their daily operation of carrying cargoes and persons from and between offs...
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    Today, a newbuild Panamax containership of 4,600TEU will typically have capacity for 700 reefer plugs, and with a full load will consume 18 tonnes of HFO per day. However, you cannot just load a container plug it in and play like a computer component. Questions on requirements of the content and ...
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    What precious time is spent on cargo duties is often used in learning how to use the automated cargo control systems and therefore not covering the basics of operating crude oil tankers (whether they be Suezmax, VLCC or ULCCs) and their related activities such as venting, purging, understanding t...
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    CSC Pamphlet, 6th Edition Explains the Convention’s provisions for the periodic inspection of containers, ACEP inspections, original approval and administration, including enforcement. 
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    The Guidelines became mandatory in 1996, under SOLAS regulation XI/2, which requires that bulk carriers and oil tankers be subject to an enhanced program of inspections in accordance with the Guidelines. Since their adoption, the Guidelines have been frequently updated and brought in line with re...
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    Floating LNG (FLNG) is being closely looked at by many operators. This 592 page report covers many of the lessons learned and concepts proposed for Floating Liquefied Gas solutions over recent years.  There are a number of established Floating LPG projects around the world and many innovations ar...
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    Written as a source of reference for marine and offshore professionals, the FPSO Handbook describes the marine equipment, the oil and gas processing arrangements, and the legislation relating to the marine and offshore industries. This book will also be of value to those involved in the design, c...
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    General Guide for Container Cleaning, 2nd Edition This Guide uses color photographs to illustrate different types of container conditions in dry van, open top and refrigerated containers that may or may not require cleaning. For each condition, the Guide recommends the action to be taken, if ...
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    General Guide for Refrigerated Container Inspection and Repair, 3rd Edition Contains inspection criteria and repair recommendations for reefer containers. 
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    Guide for Container Chassis Inspection and Maintenance, 4th Edition. Contains Inspection and Maintenance criteria recommendations for container chassis. 
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    Guide for Container Damage Measurement Provides methods of measuring damage to containers, including unusual cases. Explains how to calculate if damage exceeds ISO and IICL tolerances and describes tools required for container damage measurement.
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    Provides criteria for determining if damage to containers requires repair. Published jointly with the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the criteria apply both for on/off-hire and in-service inspections. The Guide was developed by a Joint Working Group of representatives from shipping ...
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    Guide for Open Top Container Equipment Inspection (180 pages) Addresses in detail the inspection of components and cleaning decisions specific to open top containers. 
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    A reference for both operational and commercial staff, for when shipboard odourisation is to take place.  This book of guidelines was produced after a number of incidents had been drawn to the attention of the SIGTTO secretariat. Each of these incidents involved potentially dangerous practices d...
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    This aide-memoire deals with how to prevent tanker cargo contamination claims and also highlights the cause of claims and how to avoid them. This pamphlet covers important aspect of a tanker vessel operations such as: ship suitability; the cargo plan; cargo system preparation and preventive maint...
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    The UK P&I Club's guidance checklist outlining the cause of cargo shortage claims and how to avoid them during pre-loading, loading and unloading of tanker cargo vessels.