Celestial Navigation


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    This revised and expanded edition of this popular CN book now introduces simple tabular sight reductions first, followed by calculator methods for those wishing to take full advantage of their flexibility. Of course it retains the same unprecedented clear and accurate explanation of CN mysteries,...
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     A beginner's text, giving straightforward explanations of everything you need to know to find your way across the bay or around the globe, this book takes you step-by-step through celestial navigation. You'll learn how to use the Nautical Almanac, chronometer, sextant, star finder, and both the ...
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     For the navigator aspiring to a deeper level of understanding of celestial navigation theory and practice. Stresses computational rather than tabular solution finding, and understanding rather than rote procedure.
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    To the uninitiated, celestial navigation appears to be a somewhat frightening exercise in mathematics. In fact, the maximum mathematics involved in the new sight reduction systems is the addition of three lines of figures. Similarly, the apparent complexities of the solar and stellar systems tak...
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    This guide to celestial navigation has been popular ever since it first appeared in 1969. Revised in 1982, Celestial Navigation is a quick, easy, and thorough explanation (with realistically worked problems) of the practice of celestial navigation at sea, using simple and inexpensive equipment. E...
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    Celestial navigation is the one of the oldest of the mariner's arts - and one of the most awe-inspiring. To guide a small boat across the trackless oceans using only a simple measuring device - the sextant - and the knowledge of the sun, moon and stars is a skill that borders on the magical. The ...
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    This guide to skippering a small cruising yacht explains how to organize the crew, direct them to carry out manoeuvres, keep watch and run the boat's routines. The book covers the practical for the RYA Day Skipper and Yachtmaster syllabus. It is assumed that the reader is a competent crew-member.
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     Find Your Way at Sea, No Matter What Inherently interesting and fun to read . . . provides the clearest understanding of general navigation principles we've seen yet.”--BoatU.S. Thorough and authoritative.”--Sea Kayaker A definitive work of instant appeal to seamen of all levels of experien...
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     Straightforward discussion of principles with emphasis on simplicity, practical problem solving for sun sights, meridian altitude, star identification, aerial navigation.
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    Part history of navigation and part hands-on project book. Includes complete history and instruction for making 18 historic navigation tools including astrolabe, cross staff, pelorus, traverse board and a vernier sextant. Clever, instructive.
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    Uses HO 229 & 211 methods. Used in classes at Mystic Seaport. Employs minimum of theory and maximum of practicality while offering enough practice problems and exercises to ensure confidence in the student. Excellent.
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    The 12 Volt Doctor's Practical Handbook provides a clear and useful guide as an electrical troubleshooting book. With this "Doctor"; in hand you can fix electrical problems on board before calling expensive outside technicians. You can learn and understand basic electricity, maintain your own 12 ...
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    Not a celestial navigation textbook, but rather an essential guide to the mechanics of sextant use, adjustment, repair, history as well as buying guide to both new and used instruments. Illustrations.