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    The following eBooks are contained within the Anchoring & Mooring Module:        Mooring Equipment Guidelines (MEG3)     Anchoring Systems and Procedures     Effective Mooring, 3rd Edition   **Can be ordered in individually**    Simply buy what you need As a user of The Digital Outf...
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    If you think any fool can stuff a container, think again! One in six container journeys results in damaged cargo. Many incidents are caused, or made worse, by bad packing.This DVD, for shippers and receivers, is an engaging demonstration of how to pack and unpack containers well.
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    The Cargo Matters Series aims at increasing awareness of the causes of P&I claims for cargo damage and loss. Bulk Matters concentrates on cargo practice for bulk carriers.
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    The Cargo Matters Series aims at increasing awareness of the causes of P&I claims for cargo damage and loss. This first DVD, Cargo Matters, concentrates on general cargo loss prevention and the best practice in the context of operational management.
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    The Cargo Matters Series aims at increasing awareness of the causes of P&I claims for cargo damage and loss. Container Matters concentrates on cargo practice for container vessels.
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    Counting the Cost highlights where the bulk of the Club’s funds are going. This video increases awareness among masters and officers of the type of P&I claims that cost the shipping industry $2billion annually.
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    DVD: INVADERS FROM THE SEA “Invaders from the Sea” gives a unique insight into an important environmental issue: the transfer of harmful organisms in ships’ ballast water. Filmed by the internationally renowned BBC Wildivsion, this amazing story looks at how this phenomenon is affecting our coast...
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    FindaportCD contains all of our port information from Guide to Port Entry plus more, on DVD technology. Ports and terminals meeting required criteria can be found with just a few simple clicks.  Up to 26 different search criteria are available for all ports, harbours and terminals, enabling users...
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    Updated daily, is a fully searchable, easy-to-use online service to help those within the maritime industry find information on over 9,000 ports, harbours and terminals worldwide, including port plans, maps and photographs.   Search by country, port name, location coordinates, f...
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    The Cargo Matters Series aims at increasing awareness of the causes of P&I claims for cargo damage and loss. Gas Matters concentrates on cargo practice for gas ships.
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    Shippers, forwarders and agents worldwide use Hazcheck Online to validate their dangerous goods shipments, produce documentation and to email a booking request to their shipping line. Hazcheck Online is the subscription-based internet facility for shippers of dangerous goods.  It is especially u...
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    A checklist to help reduce the risk of self-heating in Indonesian coal cargoes This handy checklist is being distributed to all members with Bulk carriers entered in the Club.
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    The IMDG Code has undergone many changes over the years, in both format and content, in order to keep up with the rapid expansion of the shipping industry. Amendment 37-14 includes revisions to various sections of the Code and to transport requirements for specific substances. It was adopted by I...
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    The International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code is the worldwide standard for shipping dangerous goods by sea. Amendment 38-16 is effective January 1, 2017 and becomes mandatory on January 1, 2018. The IMDG Code is written in conjunction with government regulations under the International ...
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    IMO STANDARD MARINE COMMUNICATION PHRASES (SMCP) & IMO SMCP on CD: A pronunciation guide In November 2001 the draft of the IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP) that had been adopted by the Maritime Safety Committee in 1997 was amended, following international trials, and adopted b...
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    The IMO-Vega Database is an essential tool for anyone involved in shipping: ship-owners and operators, shipbuilders, classification societies, casualty investigators, governments, insurers and underwriters, port authorities, surveyors and many others.IMO-Vega, developed jointly by IMO and Det Nor...
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    Produced on a CD, this ISF Marlins Test of Spoken English provides a standardized interview framework for assessing seafarers' speaking and listening skills, using stimulating on screen visuals in order to provide a general indication of a seafarer's verbal ability.
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    List IV contains important information for the mariner in relation to radiocommunications, including the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) and CP (Public Correspondence) services. Detailed information is provided in relation to the facilities available at each maritime coast radi...
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    List V - List of Ship Stations and Maritime Mobile Service Identity Assignments (2016) The List of Ship Stations and Maritime Mobile Service Identity Assignments (List V) is a service publication prepared and issued, once a year, by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), in accordance w...
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     ITU Manual for use by the Maritime and Maritime Mobile Mobile-Satellite Services This new edition reflects the regulatory provisions and the latest decisions concerning those services by ITU conferences (including relevant decisions pertaining to the introduction of new systems and techniques)....
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    If you missed the international conference on modern watchkeeping and the human element held in the shipping industry’s major manning centre Delhi in December 2008 then this is the solution. You don’t have to miss the proceedings as the DVD of the conference now available. It is an essential info...
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    As 60% of all liability claims are caused by human error, the UK Club has made a comprehensive video concentrating on why human error occurs. This video is designed principally for company trainers and concentrates on the following five maritime fictional scenarios to illustrate the root causes o...
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    Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation (OPRC), 2006 Edition The model courses on oil pollution preparedness, response and co-operation (OPRC) have been developed to provide guidance, primarily to developing countries, for preparedness and response to marine oil spills from ships. ...
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    The subroutines are prepared according to the ASTM D 1250-80 Volume X implementation procedures and were tested according to the examples for checkout as outlined in the same volume. They also comply with volume XIII and volume XIV appendix A and B. For the Light Hydrocarbons Liquids, the subrout...