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  • $54.95
    A comprehensive reference in graphical and textual form of all • Admiralty Charts and Publications worldwide. • Listed by region for easy reference with a composite inde. • Full details of individual title, scale, coverage and UK recommended retail price for each chart and publication. • Include...
  • $379.95
    Welcome to the 6th edition of the Marine Stores Guide, the industry bible for the maritime supply chain. The new edition builds on the MSG’s enviable legacy, cementing its position as the world’s leading reference source for maritime purchasing and supply. More than 3,000 codes have been added to...
  • $299.95
    The ISSA Catalogue is recognised as the pre-eminent tool when it comes to storing ships. From an anchor to a match, a tea-spoon to a length of steel, the ISSA Catalogue categorises and numbers some 35,000 line items of ship stores.