Passage Planning


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    Since ECDIS was required for newbuild passenger ships and tankers in July 2012 and cargo ships in July 2013, July 2015 is the 1st ECDIS implementation date for existing vessels, with its carriage requirement for the extisting tanker fleet. The industry demands for information on ECDIS are now fo...
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    This classic volume on ocean voyage planning has routeing details for powered and sailing vessels; individual chapters on each of the world's oceans; advice on winds, weather, climate, seasonal factors, currents, swell, ice hazards; and the shortest routes between ports and important positions. 
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    This book is a completely new text on the subject of passage planning / voyage route planning, this book shows - Chart extracts for each leg of the passage - Template plans - Checklists. Captain Nadeem Anwar graduated from the Pakistan Marine Academy in December 1983 and in 1984, went into shippi...
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    A successful voyage is defined as one that fully meets its commercial requirements and maintains the highest levels of safety and efficiency. The human errors that can affect this objective can be minimised if all aspects of the voyage are carefully planned. The purpose of this book is to focus o...
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    The English Channel and Dover Strait area is carefully monitored by traffic advisory organisations, and although they control the traffic, these systems do result in concentrating ships into narrow areas with frequent adverse weather conditions.   At the Anglo-French Safety of Navigation Group (A...
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    This publication is for the guidance of Shipmasters and navigating officers transiting the Malacca and Singapore Straits.The grounding of the Japanese VLCC, ‘Showa Maru’ in January 1975, off Buffalo Rock in the Straits of Singapore, spilling crude oil into the surrounding waters, spurred on the e...
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    This 2013 edition of the Passage Planning Guide, Malacca and Singapore Straits has been extensively revised, attractively redesigned and fully updated to incorporate new guidance and practical advice for ships transiting the area. Based on the experience of shipmasters transiting the Straits, nav...
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    This 2015 edition of the Passage Planning Guide, Malacca and Singapore Straits has been completely revised to incorporate the latest guidance and practical advice for ships transiting the region.   Since the first edition of this guide by SIGTTO was published, concern among the coastal States, ...
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    Passage Planning Guidelines focuses on the Appraisal and Planning stages of voyage planning using traditional methods, paper charts and ECDIS. This 4th edition notably contains updates on passage planning with ECDIS, incorporating best practice as the use of ECDIS evolves and becomes more establ...
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    Reeds Maritime Meteorology is written primarily for serving and trainee deck officers, those studying for certificates of competency in merchant ships and for fishermen. It provides descriptions of the elements and forces which contribute to maritime meteorology and the pr...
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    Knowledge that paves the way to the Indian Ocean. Includes charts, waypoints, photos, customs and quarantine procedures with a focus on the Raine Island Route through the Great Barrier Reef.