Celestial Navigation: A Yachtmaster's Guide

Media Hardcopy
Edition 3rd
SKU 9780470666333
Publisher Paradise Cay Publications
ISBN 9780470666333

Celestial navigation is the one of the oldest of the mariner's arts - and one of the most awe-inspiring. To guide a small boat across the trackless oceans using only a simple measuring device - the sextant - and the knowledge of the sun, moon and stars is a skill that borders on the magical. The book uses almost its entire content to cover the astro side of the RYA ocean syllabus. Equally relevant to the US-based student, this is a hands-on book for the beginner at sextant navigation. It assumes a sensible level of coastal navigation skills. Given these, a sextant, an almanac and a set of sight reduction tables, Celestial Navigation supplies all you need to find your way around the oceans in the age-old way using sun, stars and planets. Don't wait to begin practising until your GPS goes out the port-hole, though. Like any worthwhile skill, this most beautiful one of all demands more than a last-minute swot-up if you are to do it justice.


  • How to use the sextant
  • Noon sight
  • Position lines and plotting
  • Sun sights
  • Planets, Moon and stars
  • Compass checking on the ocean
  • Great circle

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