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Enforcement of Maritime Claims

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Enforcement of Maritime Claims

Enforcement of Maritime Claims, 4th Edition addresses legislative developments and discusses the factors that affect the enforceability of a claim, including jurisdiction, how to enforce a claim, security remedies and the relevance of foreign law, including the critical impact of membership of the European Union.

Essential new information in the fourth edition:

• Legislative changes including:
– The effects of the replacement of R.S.C. Order 75 by CPR Part 61 in March 2002
– The replacement of the amended Brussels Convention on Jurisdiction and Judgments by Council Regulation 44/2001
– The enforcement of Council Regulation 1348/2000 concerning service of documents

• Developments in case law
– Gasser v Misat (December 2003) – the disagreement of the European Court with the English courts as to the relationship between Arts 17 and 21
– Turner v Grovit (AG Opinion November 2003) - the imminent decision of the Court as to the English practice of anti suit injunctions