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Marine Insurance: Law and Practice


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Marine Insurance: Law and Practice

It provides a fresh and up-to-date analysis of the law in light of traditional principles and rules of underlying commercial law, and the specific statutory rules of marine insurance as interpreted by case law, moderated in practice by market practices and standard form marine insurance clauses, in particular the recently published and revised International Hull Clauses 2003.

The text sets out both to restate the relevant rules and to explain how the different components of the law react with each other.

This book provides:

  • Detailed consideration of clauses including Institute Clauses and International Hull Clauses 2003
  • Common law cases
  • Standard forms

Important new cases

  • The Star Sea
  • The Aegean
  • The Aliza Glacial
  • Bayview v Mitsui
  • The Kastor Too
  • The Prestrioka
  • Drake Insurance v Provident Insurance
  • The Martin P
  • The Kleovoulos of Rhodes