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  • $29.95
    Truly an intelligently written, conceived and photographed guide to finding the best sailboat, from the ageless Herreshoff day-sailer to an ultra-light screamer. Great photos really tell the reader what the boat is all about. Updated list of kit boats.
  • $19.95 $27.50
    This comprehensive guide to metal boats covers sailboats and powerboats, both in aluminum and steel. While it will be of interest to anyone who owns a metal boat, it is a must for those who are planning to buy a metal boat, complete a boat from a bare hull, or build a completely new steel or alum...
  • $12.95 $29.95
     New to motorboating? Do you need to learn the basics? Or are you experienced, but wish to broaden your skills and develop your techniques? In either case, Motorboating is the perfect book for you. This, step-by-step companion is packed with information and easy-to-follow illustrations. Motorboat...
  • $171.95 $199.95
    Specialist ship sale and purchase brokers have pioneered their own market over the years. That market has developed its unique ways of working, its own terminology and dedicated documentation. S&P brokers keep in contact with those companies that possess vessels they might sell and those that...
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      The Big Boat Bible is an unusually useful volume for megayacht owners, buyers, sellers, captains, project managers and almost everyone else involved with large yachts either for pleasure or profit. Twenty-two experts, some unknown outside their specialized areas of expertise, o...