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  • $55.95
    The ADMIRALTY ENC Maintenance Record aids inspections, assists SOLAS chapter V carriage compliance and streamlines information management. It is similar to the Paper Chart Maintenance Record (NP133A), also produced by UKHO. It is laid out in nine logical sections, with clear templates for bridge ...
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    A new ADMIRALTY Nautical Publication designed to provide guidance on the efficient integration of ECDIS across fleets, and to assist fleet managers and crews with ISM compliance.• Covers important information about ECDIS implementation, helping fleets to adopt ECDIS efficiently• An independent an...
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    NP5012 is a guide to the Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) symbols portrayed in Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS). The factors affecting the portrayal of ENC symbols in ECDIS are also explained. More comprehensive guidance and background is available in the United Kingdom...
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    The purpose of this publication is to assist mariners to acquire and maintain a high level of knowledge regarding the content and use of ENCs in ECDIS. It is intended to supplement and reinforce elements of ECDIS training on the use of chart data and its interpretation. It does not replace any of...
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  • $199.95 $219.95
    The ICS Bridge Procedures Guide is widely acknowledged as the principal industry guidance on safe bridge procedures, and is used by Masters, watchkeeping officers, companies and  training institutions worldwide. The Guide is referenced in the footnotes of several International Maritime Organizati...
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  • $74.95 $79.95
    The objective of this book is to impart practical hands-on knowledge about ECDIS. For less-experienced users, the book will help them to gain a valuable overview of the principles of ECDIS navigation and the related challenges. Meanwhile, it is likely that advanced ECDIS operators will also be ab...