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Admiralty Guide to ECDIS Implementation, Policy and Procedures


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Admiralty Guide to ECDIS Implementation, Policy and Procedures

A new ADMIRALTY Nautical Publication designed to provide guidance on the efficient integration of ECDIS across fleets, and to assist fleet managers and crews with ISM compliance.

• Covers important information about ECDIS implementation, helping fleets to adopt ECDIS efficiently

• An independent and authoritative guide on ECDIS procedures, which can be used to assist crews and fleet managers with ISM compliance

• Assists with the planning and implementation of ECDIS helping to ensure that the ECDIS installation is fit for purpose

NP232 complements two further publications on the topic of ECDIS:

ADMIRALTY Guide to the Practical use of ENCs (NP231)

• Helps bridge crews to gain a solid understanding of practical ENC use, providing information on the construction of an ENC, the influence of ECDIS display settings, and how these can be optimised.

ADMIRALTY Guide to ENC Symbols used in ECDIS (NP5012)

• Detailed explanation of traditional and simplified ENC symbols, ensuring bridge officers possess the knowledge needed to navigate safely using ECDIS.