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  • $55.95
    The ADMIRALTY ENC Maintenance Record aids inspections, assists SOLAS chapter V carriage compliance and streamlines information management. It is similar to the Paper Chart Maintenance Record (NP133A), also produced by UKHO. It is laid out in nine logical sections, with clear templates for bridge ...
  • $8.95
    Formally published by NGA (NIMA Form 8660-9), this 5.5 x 8.5 card is printed double-sided, 100 cards per pack and used in conjuction with the Notice to Mariners and Chart / Pub Correction Record 
  • $44.95
    96 page logbook for recording compass and gyro errors, with sky-at-night views of the main constellations identifying the navigable stars.  
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  • $189.95
    The ECDIS Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Log provides the professional Deck Officer with a practical, career-spanning record of shore and seagoing ECDIS training.   While providing evidence of continuous training, these records are supported by two extensive sections containing questio...
  • $55.95
    • Enables easy maintenance of chart correcting details for admiralty charts  • Audit pages to record receipt of Weekly Notices to Mariners, New Charts and New Editions  • Index to check Notices to Mariners against all Admiralty Charts*Number: NP133A  *Title: Chart Correction Log and Folio Index  ...