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    Emerging from the South American wilderness after adventures related in The Incredible Voyage, Tristan Jones finally makes it home to Britain to find his vessel, the tiny, nearly indestructible Sea Dart, impounded by customs officials because he cannot pay the import tax. Inhis quest for the mean...
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     After his small sailboat sank in the Atlantic, Steve Callahan spent 76 days in a five-foot inflatable raft, drifting 1800 miles before his rescue.
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     Discouraged by the fisheries decline and logging pollution in Alaska ( Alaska Blues , 1977), the author began hauling bait herring on a 60-year-old wooden boat (the Amaretto) in Maine. Upton describes how he and a friend managed to get the Amaretto back in business in this composite account of a...
  • $16.95
    An award-winning journalist’s voyage into her family history and her quest to face the storms she encounters there.
  • $19.95
    reverton’s Nautical Curiosities is arranged into thematic chapters: 1)       1) The ocean environment – animals, geography, geology, weather, coasts, islands 2)       2) Ship types and parts – from the first boat to the latest cutting-edge technology 1)       3) People – heroes, heroines, pira...
  • $16.95
    The incredible wartime saga of the only American submariners to survive the sinking of their ship and evade enemy capture in World War II.