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    This model course aims to meet the mandatory minimum standards of competence in personal safety and social responsibilities in accordance with section A-VI/1 of the STCW Code, table A-VI/1-4. The course is designed to prepare new recruits for life on a ship at sea where they will experience a vas...
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    Ship Knowledge is all about ships and shipping. Topics range from the structure and systems of various types of modern ships, to engineering, maintenance, safety and the laws and regulations governing the shipping industry.The text is richly illustrated with detailed drawings, photographs and cro...
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    Overview This document aims to assist ship operators in meeting the requirements of the ISM Code with respect to shipboard maintenance.It provides guidance on the development and improvement of maintenance management systems by establishing the principles on which they should be based, and by ide...
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    Preface to the Seventh Edition The seventh edition incorporates amendments to Annex IV of the Collision Regulations adopted by 25th Assembly of the International Maritime Organization in 2007 and United Interpretations of Annex I, adopted by the Maritime Safety Committee of IMO in 2008.Some ne...
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    Overview This guide from the Standard Club focuses on correct loading, stowage, care and securing of steel cargoes. It provides essential advice that will assist in the avoidance and prevention of steel cargo damage claims. Steel is a high-value cargo that is easily damaged by rough handling, wat...
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    Overview This guide provides basic practical advice for Masters to reduce the risks associated with a cyber attack. It addresses human factors, physical security and IT best practice so that ships are more resilient to cyber attacks. The Guide is written in non-technical language to ensure it is ...
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