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    Sooner or later everyone who ventures out on the water will encounter strong winds and confused seas, fog, thunderstorms, or heavy rain. This book acquaints boaters with the forces that shape weather, allowing them to predict what changes can be expected. Part I presents a logical explanation of ...
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     Gathers practical information on seamanship, safety, emergency procedures, navigation, piloting, weather, and maintenance.
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    This book is a complete guide to all forms of communication at sea. It examines the international marine use of cell phones, satellites, amateur radio, and email, cutting through the jargon and sales hype to enable readers to make the right choice for their needs. Comprehensive appendices on radi...
  • $7.95 $8.95
     Essential Seamanship presents, in abbreviated form, the most important and practical elements of seamanship and nautical knowledge needed by today's small boat skipper. It will serve aboard any vessel as a ready, up-to-date reference of essential information in condensed and simplified form. Top...
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    The 500Mb chart is the key that unlocks the three-dimensional nature of the atmosphere and helps answer the mariner’s two most important weather questions: will the system intensify, and where is it headed? In Heavy Weather Avoidance, Chen and Chesneau merge the seamanship of a master mariner and...
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      Making the boat seaworthy Avoiding the worst weather Handling the boat Dealing with emergencies Using outside assistance Surviving in the liferaft One day, this book may save your life ... It also manages to be entertaining, readable and comprehensive. Many sailors dread the ...
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