Heavy Weather Cruising

Media Hardcopy
Edition 2nd
Publisher Paradise Cay Publications
UPC 852686754452
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  • Making the boat seaworthy
  • Avoiding the worst weather
  • Handling the boat
  • Dealing with emergencies
  • Using outside assistance
  • Surviving in the liferaft

One day, this book may save your life ...

It also manages to be entertaining, readable and comprehensive.

Many sailors dread the day when they find themselves caught out at sea in a gale. But if you are well prepared and know what to do, there is no reason why heavy weather should be a nightmare. You may even find it rewarding!

Drawing on his vast experience at sea in all types of weather, Tom Cunliffe shows you how to prepare for the worst, making sure the boat and crew are ready for anything the wind and sea may throw at them. He looks at specialised boathandling and navigation techniques and at tactics: what to do when the storm hits you, and whether to head for shelter or ride it out at sea. He also takes a critical look at the design of some modern yachts: how will they perform when the going gets rough?

Finally, Tom Cunliffe looks at what you can do if the unthinkable happens. He explains how to deal with emergencies ranging from dismasting to man overboard, how to collaborate with the Air and Sea Rescue Services and how to survive in the liferaft.

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