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  • $36.95 $44.95
    Heavy-duty, flexible acrylic construction is the foundation for this easy-to-use, professional three arm protractor, which is ideal for laying out course lines or plotting fixes from multiple fixed positions obtained by a sextant or hand bearing compass. Overlay it on a chart for full visibility ...
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    The Square Protractor is best suited for rapid plotting of course and bearing in a confined space. Sometimes referred to as a Douglas protractor, notations can be easily made directly on the matte plastic surface with a pencil. Made from durable transparent plastic Lifetime warranty Length: 5....
  • $24.95 $31.95
    The Weems Parallel Plotter is our most popular rolling plotter. It is mounted on an aluminum roller assembly that allows you to plot courses and parallel lines with simple direct transfer and doesn’t require the space that traditional parallel rules or triangles need. The roller keeps the plotter...
  • $22.95 $28.95
    Plotting in restricted spaces can be accomplished easily with the Weems Compact Parallel Plotter. This 8.2-inch (20.8cm) rolling plotter is a smaller version of our popular 12-1/2 inch (31.75cm) Weems Parallel Plotter (#120). It is mounted on an aluminum roller assembly that allows you to plot co...
  • $109.95 $134.95
    The Bi-rola Rule is a rugged plotter that is used by professional navigators because it is quick and easy to use. Patented vertical and horizontal rolling motion simplifies course and plotting calculations. Unique radial arm allows you to automatically include compass corrections in course plot...
  • $39.95 $49.95
    Based on our worldwide best-selling Portland Course Plotter, this LARGE (600 x 218mm) Plotter is made from 2.5mm thick Plexiglass and has 8 recessed magnets so that it can be used on a dry-wipe board for teaching nautical navigation.