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Bi-Rola 17" Rule Rolling Plotter (Weems & Plath 155)

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Manufacturer Weems & Plath
UPC 852686951769

Bi-Rola 17" Rule Rolling Plotter (Weems & Plath 155)

The Bi-rola Rule is a rugged plotter that is used by professional navigators because it is quick and easy to use. Patented vertical and horizontal rolling motion simplifies course and plotting calculations.

  • Unique radial arm allows you to automatically include compass corrections in course plotting
  • Roller body has protractor markings and nautical mile scale
  • Radial arm has Loran interpolator scales and 200 milimeter rule
  • When radial arm and body are used jointly, the bi-rola rule becomes a 17 inch (440mm) divider
  • Speed/time/distance table included
  • Protective, durable vinyl pouch included
  • Easy to follow instructions included

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