Admiralty Sight Reduction Tables

Admiralty Sight Reduction Tables are split up into three volumes which can be used with The Nautical Almanac and designed to permit rapid position fixing by celestial means.

Volume 1 contains the altitude to 1' and true azimuth to 1° for the seven stars most suitable for finding your position with a sextant, for the complete range of latitudes and hour angles of Aries. The latest edition is that for epoch 2015·0, published in 2012. This publication is aimed at the navigator using celestial-navigation and provides the optimum selection of stars for a three-star fix.

Volume 2 and Volume 3 contain values of the altitude to 1' and azimuth to 1° for integral degrees of declination from 29° north to 29° south, for the complete range of latitudes and for all hour angles at which the zenith distance is less than 95° (97° between latitudes 70° and the poles) providing for sights of the Sun, Moon and planets. Volume 2 covers latitudes between 0° and 40°. Volume 3 covers latitudes between 39° and 89°.


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