TIMEZERO Furuno Radar Module

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TIMEZERO Furuno Radar Module

The more information you can get the better your data is going to be, and that's why the Timezero Furuno radar module is an excellent addition to your standard charts.

Timezero Furuno radar module, radar overlay

Timezero creates the highest quality navigation software you'll find and has for over 30 years, but now they're partnering with Furuno to create an even better standard of software and data for anyone in the maritime industry. With the Timezero Furuno radar module, you'll be able to see more, do more, and create a better plan for your next trip out.

What the Timezero Furuno Radar Module Can Do For You

The new partnership between Timezero and Furuno creates a radar module that offers you an even better array of data as well as full control of the radar image from anywhere you choose. This allows you to stay safer no matter where you're hitting the water.

The primary function of this software is to provide you with high quality radar images that can be easily overlaid directly on top of your current charts to give you an even more comprehensive understanding of the waters around you. This module allows you to connect directly to Funuro DRS antennas and commercial Funuro FAR radars with only an Ethernet connection, enabling you to have more information at the touch of a button.

For those who need remote access to their radar, this module takes care of that as well, providing you with complete control from any dedicated workstation that you choose, including Rainclutter, Gain, Seaclutter, and more.

You'll also be able to:

  • Acquire and display ARPA targets on your screens
  • Receive COG/SOG, heading, and position data from the Furuno FAR radar network
  • Receive navigation information directly from the NavNet Network
  • Share charts between the software and NavNet
  • View and control the DRS radar
  • Real time user object sync
  • and much more

Why it Matters

The Timezero Furuno radar module is here to keep you and your vessel safe while you're on the water. Whether you're out for recreational sailing or for charters or anything in between, this software can help you navigate more easily and safely on the water.

Even those who know the waters they travel well can be blindsided by changes in conditions that happen extremely quickly on the water. Full radar allows you to see what's coming as soon as it pops up, so you don't have to worry about surprises that could derail your time on the water.

With the option to not only view radar but actually see a radar overlay on your charts, it's possible to understand not only what's out there, but how and when it could impact you. That way you can get where you need to be safely. All it takes is the right information.

Using the Timezero Furuno Radar Module for Yourself

The radar overlay function allows you to quickly and easily see all of the information that you need in real time, so you can make the snap decisions that are necessary when you're out on the water. No matter the type or size of the water vessel you're in and no matter whether you're out for personal or commercial purposes, this module ensures you are ready for anything.

For those with the TZ Navigator platform, this is an optional add-on, however, it comes standard with the TZ Professional platform. If you're ready to choose your own platform or upgrade your current platform, select the option you'd like to buy below.

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