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The Handbook of Maritime Economics Business

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The Handbook of Maritime Economics Business

The Handbook of Maritime Economics and Business covers a vast number of topics in the broad areas of maritime economics and business, including:

• Shipping Economics and Maritime Nexus
• International Seaborne Trade
• Economics of Shipping Market and Shipping Cycles
• Economics of Shipping Sectors
• Issues in Liner Shipping
• Economics of Maritime Safety and Seafaring Labour Market
• National & International Shipping Policies
• Aspects of Shipping Management and Operations
• Shipping Investment & Finance
• Port Economics and Management
• Shipping Strategy
• Aspects of International Logistics

It is an indispensable reference book for apprentice and experienced practitioners in the maritime business world, as well as for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The Handbook of Maritime Business and Economics has become an essential text book for maritime, Undergraduate, MSc and PhD level courses.