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Tamaya Spica Sextant

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Manufacturer Weems & Plath
UPC 852686951561

Tamaya Spica Sextant

The Japanese Tamaya Spica Sextant has proven quality through many years of use by ocean-going navigators. This top-of-the-line sextant's optical system is designed to ensure maximum performance. The frame of this sextant is made of lightweight aluminum alloy with a corrosion resistant black finish. The arc is easily read with white engravings on black finished bronze. The Spica Sextant comes standard with the plastic carrying case, an adjusting wrench, two dry cells UM-3 and one LED bulb.

  • Full 57mm index mirror
  • Rubber eye protector
  • Full illumination of both arc and drum
  • Carrying Case: double wall air molded plastic with two slide locks
  • Can be stored in fitted case with scope mounted
  • Interchangeable telescopes available in 4x40mm or 7x35mm (sold separately) 
  • Measuring Range: -5 degrees to 125 degrees
  • Accuracy: Less than 10 seconds of arc
  • Telescopes: 4x40mm: angle of view - 7 degrees, relative brightness 100 or 7x35mm: angle of view 6.5 degrees, relative brightness 25. All optics are fully coated
  • Frame: Lightweight die cast aluminum alloy with corrosion resistant black finish & bronze arc
  • Vernier Scale: reads to 0'.2
  • Index Mirror: (57x42mm) Aluminized on rear side
  • Horizon Mirror: 57mm diameter 
    Shade Glass:
  • Four for index mirror
  • Three for horizon mirror
  • One shade glass and one Polaroid glass for eyepiece of telescope
  • Weight:  
  • 4 lbs (1815 g)


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