Safety of Pilots (eBook)

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Incidents and accidents when the Ships Pilot is boarding continue to happen. We explore: decisions that are made based on the weather, siting of the Pilot boarding ground (Pilot Station or Pilot embark/disembark position), suggestions for the Pilot Boat, Pilot ladder, manning of the Pilot boat, ship handling during the Pilot transfer.

A Marine Pilot embarking and disembarking from a ship should be regarded as a potential hazard due either to a use of ladders or to a combination of ladders and gangways. Because this often occurs during a ship's voyage, or because the Pilot does this so many times, it becomes a commonplace event rather than one where all parties involved maintain the utmost vigilance. In recent years manning problems and the decline of seamanship standards have added to the dangers that naturally face the Pilots, but rather than pointing a finger of blame it is more useful to examine the potential problems. This will enable us to re-confirm the precautions that can, and in many cases should, be taken to ensure the minimum risk to the Pilot.


Title: Safety of Pilots (eBook)
Number of Pages: 10
Product Code: 4431P003
Published Date: October 2007

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