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Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (REF)


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Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (REF)

BK-107C08 QMED Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (REF) 34p. 01/1999. Material in QMED Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is to be used in conjunction with QMED - Oiler to prepare for the Refrigerator Engineer endorsement Coast Guard exams. It is also included in the Junior Engineer exam.Subjects include:Refrigeration Systems•Refrigeration Theory •Major System Components •Sysem Controls •Operating Procedures for an R-12 System •Detailed Characteristics of R-12 Refrigerant Ventilation and Air Conditioning•Refrigerants •Vapor Compression Cycle •Major System Components •System Controls •Safety Devices •Other Components •Operation and Maintenance •Air Conditioning ISBN: ME107C08