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Navigator's Mechanical Pencil

The Navigator’s Pencil Set includes a nautical pencil, one 12-pack of leads and 2 erasers (as shown). 0.7 mm lead (HB or No. 2 hardness) is a special blend of polymers that provides extra blackness and smoothness when writing or drawing.

The Navigator’s Pencil Set includes a nautical pencil that is great for charting out courses because the super fine eraser won't mar charts when making corrections and the precise lead of the nautical pencil will give a clear course line. The eraser oof the nautical pencil adjusts out as it wears down, similar to the way the lead adjusts on writing tip.

  • Dimensions:  
  • 5-1/2" (140 mm)
  • Weight:  
  • 0.05 lb. (23 g)


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