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Marine Fire Equipment Sign: Fire Alarm + Symbol

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Manufacturer Maritime Progress
UPC 852679758719

Marine Fire Equipment Sign: Fire Alarm + Symbol

Marine Fire Equipment Sign: Fire Alarm + Symbol

SOLAS Chapter II-2, regulation as amended refers to the location markings for fire equipment and requires that they must be photoluminescent or illuminated by emergency lighting.

Each item of fire fighting equipment should be marked with the appropriate symbol. Where various types of equipment are stored at one location, 'Fire point' signs may be used. When equipment in an alleyway or public room is stowed in a recess or locker, then a panoramic sign, mounted well above head height should be used to enable the equipment to be identified from a distance. Colour shape and size

Any space protected by a fixed gas ‘blanketing’ fire extinguishing system must have all entrance doors and hatches marked by the appropriate sign. PV5876KJ & PV7545KJ. All elevator entrances should be marked with sign. PV6300JJ.

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