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M.E.T Publication 516, Port State Control


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M.E.T Publication 516, Port State Control

Many foreign ship owners are familiar with MET Publication 515: Rules and Regulations for Foreign Vessels Operating in the Navigable Waters of the United States. MET Stock# BK-520. That publication extracts those rules and regulations based on Titles 33 and 46 of the Code of Federal Regulations that apply to foreign-flagged vessels that plan to operate in U.S. waters. [*Foreign = non-U.S. owned or operated.] Foreign vessel owners entering United States port are subject to "Port State Control" exercised by U.S. officials. Similar controls are exercised by Port States. The Purpose of the book is to assist foreign ship owners and shipmasters to become familiar with most aspects of Port State Control as practiced in the United States. To do this, we have reprinted selected chapters from the Marine Safety Manual, a U.S. Coast Guard publication, in the hopes that both visitors to our nation's port and our maritime law enforcement personnel will read to the same material that guides this program and thereby simplify and standardize compliance. The Marine Safety Manual (MSM) is the primary policy and procedural statement for the Coast Guard's marine safety programs. Published for the use of all Coast Guard marine safety and industry personnel, it prescribes the essential functions that they must perform. The MSM consists of 13 loose-leaf volumes. The material in this book, except where otherwise noted, was reprinted from Volume 2 of the MSM, and is corrected through November 12, 2002. This book is not required to be carried aboard any ship by any law or regulation. The material contained herein is provided for your information only and is readily available to the public. ISBN: ME0722