Japanese Nautical Chart JP141: Aki Nada and Approaches

Media Paper
Publisher Japan Hydrographic Association
UPC 852686738056


Japanese Nautical Chart JP141: Aki Nada and Approaches is a standard nautical chart. This nautical chart complies with Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations and is ideal for professional, commercial and recreational use. Charts within the series consist of a range of scales, useful for passage planning, ocean crossings, coastal navigation and entering port. Mariners should always use the largest scale nautical chart appropriate to their needs. This nautical chart is produced using the latest "Print on Demand" technology and comes with the latest notice to mariner (NTM) information when printed. It is the mariner's responsibility to maintain and correct the chart onwards to be in compliance with SOLAS regulations and to ensure safe navigation.


This Japanese nautical chart is reproduced through the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. Additional charts covering these areas are available from the Japan Hydrographic Association. Their details are available in the catalogue published by the Japan Hydrographic Association, both in chart indexes and/or online.

Chart Details

  • Panel NameAki Nada and Approaches
  • Area NameNippon - Seto Naikai
  • Natural Scale60000
  • North Limit34� 20'.70N
  • East Limit132� 57'.80E
  • South Limit33� 48'.70N
  • West Limit132� 31'.90E


  • Panel NameNeko Seto
  • Area NameNippon - Seto Naikai
  • Natural Scale30000
  • North Limit34� 13'.42N
  • East Limit132� 41'.88E
  • South Limit34� 10'.25N
  • West Limit132� 38'.00E

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