Guide to Marine Scrubbers, 1st Edition 2018

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Updated to MEPC 73 (October 2018), this essential guide contains comprehensive information about marine scrubbers, including current regulations and guidelines, details of monitoring, enforcement and penalties, and up-to-date overviews of the scrubber systems currently on the market.

This publication from Witherby Publishing Group is a valuable resource that will assist shipowners and operators in complying with the 2020 global sulphur in marine fuel regulations.


Chapter 1 Introduction to the Use of Scrubbers

Chapter 2 IMO Regulations and Guidelines

2.1 Global Legislation

2.2 Regional IMO Legislation

2.2.1 The Baltic Sea SOx ECA (NOx ECA from January 2021)

2.2.2 The North Sea SOx ECA (NOx ECA from January 2021)

2.2.3 The North American SOx/NOx ECA

2.2.4 The United States Caribbean Sea SOx/NOx ECA

2.3 The 2015 Guidelines for Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

Chapter 3 Domestic Legislation

China Territorial Waters, Hong Kong and Taiwan

3.1.1 Zhujiang (Pearl River) Delta

3.1.2 Yangtze River Delta

3.1.3 Bohai Rim Waters

3.1.4 Timeline of Chinese Domestic Emission Control Areas

3.1.5 Hong Kong

3.1.6 Taiwan

3.2 The European Union

3.2.1 Directive 2012/33/EU

3.3 California State Legislation

3.4 Australia

3.5 Turkey

3.6 Panama Canal

3.7 Legislation for the Discharge of Waste

3.7.1 The Port Reception Facilities (PRF) Directive (2000/59/EC)

Chapter 4 Factors Influencing the Choice of Scrubber

4.1 Costs

4.2 Route

4.3 Ship Type and Space Available Onboard

4.4 Energy Requirements

4.5 Maintenance Available and System Support

4.6 Crew Training and Safety

4.7 Compliance

4.8 Incentive Schemes

4.8.1 Environmental Ship Index (ESI)

4.8.2 The Green Award

4.8.3 The Clean Shipping Index (CSI)

4.8.4 GHG Emissions Rating

4.8.5 The Maritime Singapore Green Initiative

4.8.6 The Swedish Environmentally Differentiated Fairways Dues

4.8.7 Multiple Incentive Schemes

Chapter 5 Scrubber Technologies

5.1 Wet Scrubbers

5.1.1 Open loop EGCS

5.1.2 Closed loop EGCS

5.1.3 Hybrid EGCS

5.2 Main Components of Wet Scrubbers

5.2.1 The EGC unit or scrubber tower

5.2.2 The washwater (discharge water) treatment plant

5.2.3 The sludge handling unit

5.3 Configuration of the EGCS

5.3.1 Single stream/line configuration – a main stream scrubber

5.3.2 Multi stream configuration – an integrated scrubber

5.4 Water Flow Rate

Chapter 6 Certification

6.1 The 2015 Guidelines for Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

(Resolution MEPC.259(68))

6.1.1 Scheme A

6.1.2 Scheme B

6.1.3 Washwater

6.2 Class Society Approval

Chapter 7 Monitoring and Penalties

7.1 Monitoring Exhaust Emissions and Waste Water Quality

7.1.1 Onboard Monitoring

7.1.2 Remote Monitoring

7.1.3 Transitory Non-Compliance

7.2 Enforcement and Penalties

7.2.1 United States Penalties

Chapter 8 Data sheets for Wet Scrubbers

8.1 AEC Maritime Scrubber

8.2 Alfa Laval PureSOx

8.3 Andritz SeaSOx Scrubber

8.4 BET Maritime SOx Scrubber

8.5 BlueSulf EGCS

8.6 CleanSOx Scrubber

8.7 CROE Scrubber

8.8 ECO-EGC™ Scrubber

8.9 Fuji Electric SaveBlue Scrubber

8.10 Ionada Membrane Scrubber™

8.11 LAB DeepBlueLAB SOx™ EGCS

8.12 Langh Tech Scrubber


8.14 Mitsubishi Active Funnel SOx Scrubber

8.15 Pacific Green Technologies ENVI-Marine™ Scrubber

8.16 PaSOx™ Scrubber

8.17 PureteQ Maritime Turbo Scrubber


8.19 Viswa Scrubber

8.20 Wärtsilä SOx Scrubber

8.21 Yara Marine Scrubber



Title: Guide to Marine Scrubbers
Product Code: WS1572K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-803-8 (9781856098038), ISBN 10: 1-85609-803-6 (1856098036)
Published Date: December 2018
Binding Format: Hardback
Book Height: 210 mm
Book Width: 150 mm
Book Spine: 15 mm
Weight: 0.80 kg

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