Garbage Disposal Plan - Marpol 73/78 Annex V Poster

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Publisher Maritime Progress
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This flow diagram complies with the MARPOL convention as well as the most recent IMO resolution MEPC.295(71) and 264(68) Polar Code. It provides a decision support to mariners as to the processes to be considered related to disposing garbage or cargo residues at sea or retained on board both when within or outside Special and Polar Areas. The Plan also contains guidance information to aid in its use and conforms to the changes to the MARPOL Convention of the 1st March 2018 MEPC.277(70).

This maritime sign is used by mariners to provide adequate signage on board vessels. Furthermore, some flag states and regulatory organizations require maritime signs on board to be in compliance with the maritime governing regulations. Maritime signs are critical in keeping a vessel's crew safe of any possible hazards, all safety equipment easy to mark, and provide directions on board a vessel.

420mm x 297mm in the white rigid material. 

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