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Fisherman's Knots and Nets


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Fisherman's Knots and Nets

Angler's and Still Fisherman's Knots Commercial Fisherman's Knots Fishing Traps and Seines Net Making and Repairing. Jam-packed with practical and valuable information for fishermen everywhere, this handbook describes the hundreds of ties and bends used to connect line to the many types and kinds of hooks, leaders, lures, nets, traps, and seines. The text and illustrations are amply detailed and so clear that all guesswork is eliminated. The making and repairing of nets is thoroughly covered, as well as the making and repairing of seines and traps. With this guidebook in hand the novice can learn to make good nets and traps in a very short time. The veteran fisherman will find it an indispensable reference tool. Whether you fish for fun or to make a living, this is a valuable addition to your tackle box.