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Weems & Plath Companion Lamp

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Manufacturer Weems & Plath

Weems & Plath Companion Lamp

The soft glow of the Companion Lamp sets the mood for an elegant tabletop dinner. The base of this charming table lamp is crafted of solid cast brass that is polished and lacquered. It has a non-skid bottom with holes that can be used for permanent mounting on a table surface so it won't slide around.

A unique, hassle free disposable fuel cell sits inside the base and a delicate glass chimney fits securely on top. The oil Companion Lamp is a great value and a beautiful alternative to a candlelight dinner.

  • One fuel cell with 17-hour burn time included
  • Additional fuel cells available - sold singly (HD17) or in 6 packs (HD17-6)
3-1/2" x 8-3/4" (89 x 222 mm)

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