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Charlie's Charts: U.S. Pacific Coast, 6th Edition

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Charlie's Charts: U.S. Pacific Coast, 6th Edition

This cruising guide is a proven reference for safe navigation of the challenges for travel along the US Pacific Coast. It clearly describes the choices of routes for travel along the coast: harbor-hopping, inshore and offshore routes and discusses weather, crossing bars and safety issues. A safe approach to all major facilities is described and sketched in detail as well as the anchorages in the Channel Islands.

Many cruisers have found the detailed information invaluable when approaching both planned stop-overs or when making an unexpected approach to the coast as a result of engine or equipment failure or a health emergency. Detailed drawings of marina facilities takes the worry out of approaching an unfamiliar marina especially if the crew is fatigued following a tiring spell at sea.

A GPS Waypoint list is intended to assist a cruiser to locate offshore approach buoys and avoid reefs, points and capes by a safe margin. Waypoints are not given following the channel into marinas since channel markers are regularly moved to indicate the best water as a result of constant shoaling and scouring.

Many marinas in San Francisco Bay usually have spaces allocated for transient cruisers and invite boaters to cruise the Bay to enjoy a wide variety of services, great restaurants and points of interest. The dock plans and details of the marinas that welcome cruisers are individually illustrated.