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Brown's Star Atlas

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Brown's Star Atlas

Showing the Bright Stars with full instructions on how to find and use them for navigational purposes and for Board of Trade examinations

Part I will help beginners to trace out the principal constellations and Bright Stars. The six large maps have been drawn by Mr. Denning, F.R.A.S.

Part II deals with the use of the stars in practical navigation, and the methods of finding a ship's position · The Local Hour Angle of Aries · To find what Bright Stars are near the Meridian · Remarks on Observing Star Altitudes · Latitude by Meridian Altitude of a Star · Latitude by ex-Meddian of a Star · Latitude by Pole Star · Time Azimuths of Stars · Altitude Azimuth of a Star · Longitude from Altitude of a Star · Simultaneous Sights of Two Stars Used for Intercepts · Cosine · Haversine Method · Star Identification · Solution by ABC Tables · Graphical Solution · Greek Alphabet.