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An Introduction to Fuel Measurement

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SKU 9781908663221
Publisher Petrospot

An Introduction to Fuel Measurement

Every transfer of fuel from terminal to barge/road tanker and barge/road tanker to the receiving ship requires accurate measurement to determine the quantities transferred – usually by measuring the tanks before the start of the transfer and on completion.

As business margins increasingly come under pressure, it is essential that purchasers of bunker fuel take delivery of the product they have paid for – inaccurate measurement of fuel, whether through poor practice or through intentional short delivery, can result in significant financial losses.

In this timely and clearly-written book, industry expert Nigel Draffin addresses the basics of quantity measurement and provides an excellent overview of measurement equipment, including thermometers, gauges, and calibration.

As the use of mass flow metering increasingly becomes the industry norm, Draffin looks at the intricacies and challenges of fuel flow measurement. He also reviews fuel sampling methods, fraudulent practices, and discusses the key role of the marine surveyor in bunker quantity surveys.

This compact, practical and useful book also provides a brief but informative introduction to the complexities of measuring liquefied natural gas (LNG) when used as a marine fuel.

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